From my perspective I imagine one of the worst aspects for people of color in their dealing with the indigenous racism of America, is that their all to valid complaints are discounted and denied.  Therefore when our country elects it first Black President,  he is subject to having his American birth questioned and is called a variety of negative political epithets.  Yet all of the vile criticism Barack Obama suffered, came from people vehemently denying their own racist attitudes and making the ludicrous claim that criticizing them was reverse racism.  An NFL Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is blackballed via collusion of all NFL owners, for his taking a stand specifically against police shooting unarmed people of color, he suffers widespread White criticism for besmirching veterans by kneeling during the National Anthem.

These are but two examples of the incredible and disgusting denial many Americans suffer from, whenever the obvious societal and institutional issue of American racism is broached.  Therefore when a group of NAZI’s and other slimy White Supremacists gather in Charlottesville, VA., to protest the removal of a statue dedicated to a racist Army Officer who committed treason by making war against his country,  they are met by protesters and violence ensues.  Our President,  who was elected after he ran a racist campaign supported by the self same Racist coalition,  refuses to condemn these White Supremacists by denying it with the false equivalency of mutual irresponsibility.

Below is a commercial produced by the giant Multi-National, Proctor and Gamble,  which frankly brought tears to my eyes because of the sad truth it told about today’s American racial situation, from the perspective of those trying to raise their children in a land that is hostile and often deadly dangerous because of their skin color.  It is a beautifully done piece of commercial advertising that raises a vitally important subject, from the point of view of those suffering from this malignancy permeating our country.

And as to be expected, below is but one example of the firestorm of criticism and denial that serves as a blowback against P & G for daring to deal with the truth.  Here is “Officer Mike” in the throes of denial about all of the unpunished police killing of people of color.

How awful it must be to be of dark pigmentation in our Racist America and to have even your protests of your insane maltreatment rejected and denied?