Nobody Asked Me But:…………………….

When this Loser-In-Chief has to receive a Special Folder  twice a day filled with positive news stories and flattering photos, maybe it indicates that he is a mentally disturbed child, unfit to lead.

Governmental Policy defined in Tweets makes our country ludicrous in the eyes of the world.

If other countries see America as a joke because of our President, then we are no longer the powerful country we pretend to be.

Is the best way to deal with a nuclear country, led by an undemocratic, unstable, childish leader to have an unstable, childish President in charge of foreign policy and the nuclear trigger?

What can be said of the fealty of this President to our country when his former Campaign Chief, National Security Advisor and Secretary of State all had close financial ties to Russia’s hostile government?

How can we expect a President to unite us when his Attorney General is a Life-Long Racist,  who is pursuing policies like the Racist War on Drugs and falsely attacking “Non-White” Immigrants as “criminals”?

How can we expect a President to deal with the economic inequity in America, when his Treasury Secretary wants Wants Wall St. to “thank him for their banks stocks doing better“?

How can we expect American Students to compete on a global level when the Secretary of Education is an enemy of Public Education,  never attended a Public School and wants American schools to “build God’s Kingdom”?

How can we protect the heritage of America’s beauty, wildlife and ecology,  when our Secretary of the Interior is an anti-environmentalist who wants to privatize and commercially exploit our glorious National Park System.

How can we deal with the housing crisis in America for 99% of Americans,  when our HUD Secretary is worried that public housing is too good for poor people?

When will we stop pretending that Dominionist Christian Frauds like Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Robert Jeffress, who claim Trump “Is Anointed By God“, are qualified to discuss either Christianity or government?

The one third of the country that still supports Trump consists of fanatical Christians who want to hasten Armageddon, Racists who hated Barack Obama and NAZI Fascists who see a kindred spirit.

The people I refer to above, are led by a pack of scheming crooks whose allegiance is to their own greed and desire for power, achieved without regard for the well-being of 99% of Americans.

The scheming crooks referred to above are all owned by scions of inherited wealth like the Koch’s, the Walton’s  and the Trump’s, who think that inherited wealth somehow proves their worthiness, when all it does is provide them an excess of unwarranted pride.

The saddest thing about all the Trump insanity above is that it only details a fraction of how this childish, narcissist is ruining OUR AMERICA. I put OUR AMERICA in caps because we who are RESISTING TRUMP are the REAL AMERICANS!