A bigot was elected President and appointed an Attorney General with a racist background. This Attorney General wants to re-vivify America’s racist War on Drugs, so even more people of color can miserably languish in private prisons and be prevented from voting when they are released.  Our Bigot President recently spoke to a gathering of policeman and encouraged police brutality upon arrested suspects.  He also spoke with the Australian Prime Minister and called a group of non-white immigrants criminals despite the explanations to the contrary of the Australian Prime Minister.  This Presidential bigot was elected because he preached bigotry in his campaign and that resonated with the ongoing Racism and Bigotry of many Americans.

I you, like me, are horrified and disgusted by the ongoing killings of people of color by police officers,  I urge you to see this 7 minute video by an ex-Cop.  He nails the truth of how America has dealt with its’  300 year legacy of first slavery, then the terrorism of segregation and finally after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act,  discovering more creative ways of oppressing people of color.