While language is what distinguishes us humans from the rest of the animals, the nuances of language are so diverse, that often it can be used to confound and confuse us.  We see that in politics language can be twisted to fool portions of the electorate into voting against their own interests.  The Republican Party has become masterful in using language packaged attractively to gull voters and gain electoral victory.  Below are a survey of the Republican Agenda taken from the GOP Website Great American Families, Education, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice


Tax Reform =  Lower taxes for the wealthiest people, paid for by the rest of us.

Right to Life =  The rights of the fetus negate the rights of the female, who is then left on her own to raise the child, with only an ever eroding safety net to sustain them.

Entitlement Reform =  Shredding the social safety net and making the worker contributed insurance programs (Social Security & Medicare) seem like unnecessary giveaways.

Choice in Education =  Stealing the Public Education System’s funds in order to pay for profit making Charter Schools,  that provide inferior education at a higher cost,  while re-introducing racial and economic segregation to the American School System.

Health Care =  Destroying the Affordable Care Act in order to return to the time when health insurance companies could monopolize the market, discriminate against many, refuse to pay legitimate claims and avoid their responsibilities to provide adequate health insurance.

Religious Freedom =  Enforcing the rights of people and institutions to discriminate against LGBT people based on their “religious convictions”.

Criminal Justice and Prison Reform =  Re-instituting the racist “War on Drugs”,  which was always a “War” on people of color, by locking them up in private prison systems run by Republican donors and creating the highest population of prisoners in the world.

Return to “American Values” =  Reducing the role of government to allow people to depend more upon God to provide the help they need economically and socially. (I kid you not See Here)

Returning Control Over Marriage to the States = Taking away the rights of Gay people to marry and to have their spouses covered by various benefits like health insurance.

Returning to a Culture of Hope =  Destroying the social safety net and De-regulating everything that prevents corporations and the wealthy from exploiting people.

Defending the Second Amendment =  Protecting the Right of Citizens to keep any class of firearms and carry them for protection everywhere…except when it comes to people of color.

Police Reform =  Ensuring that the rights of Law Enforcement Officers to treat citizens in any manner they choose as long as most of that “treatment” is directed at people of color and of lesser income.

Immigration Reform =  Preventing the immigration of anyone who is not of White European, non-Muslim background.

Our nation currently is led by a fraudulent Billionaire, who has assembled a Cabinet comprised of millionaires and billionaires dedicated to expanding their personal prerogatives, perquisites and fortunes. These are but 12 items in the Republican Agenda for America that are couched in deceptive terms in order to fool the average person into thinking that Republicans are on their side. There are many more in a platform meant to provide cover for an agenda based upon serving the wealthiest among us. This party has historically been the representative of the wealthy American elite comprising less than I% of Americans,  but to get elected must use language that convinces the 99% that the Republican Party is on their side.  We RESIST because we understand the deception and because we stand with the majority of Americans who believe that government should serve the needs of ALL of the people, not just the richest 1%.