Politics is a crazy business, especially in seeing an inept, unqualified and malicious President, get elected by less than a majority of voters.  This awful person, who ran on a platform promise of making the lives of average Americans better, has instead provided a cabinet of Billionaires and millionaires who are determined to destroy the social safety net; throw millions off of healthcare; while cutting their own taxes;  shrinking vital government services and unnecessarily bloating our defense budget even further.  We who are working to resist this war upon Americans have been so involved in combating these horrible plans that we tend to lose sight of the ignorance of the Administration in facing the problem that could destroy mankind, Climate Change.

I live in South Florida. Anyone who has been down here knows that this area is primarily the tropics,  reclaimed swamp, the Everglades and sandy beaches.  The southern part of the State is consistently flat and in the north its highest point is a paltry 345 feet over sea level. Most of South Florida is no more than three to four feet over sea level as you can see here: Florida Topography .   Now I can’t afford to live close to the ocean, the housing prices there are far beyond my range of affordability,  however, no part of Florida is more than 70 miles from seawater and I live a little less than fifteen miles from the beach. Therefore I get alarmed when I see stories about An iceberg the size of Delaware brealing off from Antarctica; West Antartic Glacier Collapsing; or about an ice sheet twice the size of Manhattan about breaking off into the sea from Antarctica here; and/or about Louisiana Flooding being the worst U.S. disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Ice sheet collapses could quickly lead to the sea level rising about four feet per year and the result will be the flooding of much of Florida.  A sea level rise will not just affect Florida, but will affect most of the East and West Coasts of this country, not to mention the rest of the World.

The fact is that it will take many years for us to reduce the carbon emissions and the other human degradation of our Earth that has led to the ever increasing bad effects of climate change. The is an effort which should have begun years ago, I was reading about climate change in the 1950’s, and needs to begin immediately. However, we must also immediately begin to take steps to deal with the ever increasing dangers of climate change until we can ameliorate them. This means that there needs to be an effort to protect our coastlines and prepare them for the inevitable rise in sea level that is coming very soon. We saw three years ago Lower Manhattan flooded with water due to a massive storm. We have seen New Orleans half destroyed by a hurricane. We know the sea level is rising and we must build an infrastructure to deal with it. My personal suggestion is to take half of our defense budget and half of our military and put them to work building the infrastructure necessary to protect this country. This will also provide jobs for the economy. This will cost us nothing we are not already paying and half our military budget would still give us a higher budget than most other country’s military budgets combined. It’s a win-win situation. What makes this proposal more acceptable is that it is not necessary to win the argument about the causes of climate change to get widespread agreement that it is happening and we must begin to do something about it immediately. Science has shown that there was a rise in sea level of about 270 feet 11,000 years ago. This rise wiped out coastal civilizations worldwide and may well have been the source of the Flood Story in the Torah.

While I agree with the 99% of the scientists who ascribe climate change to air pollution and the over use of carbon fuels, to begin to win the argument for fighting climate change we need not make the opponents of dealing with it, the greedy, self-involved business-people, agree.  We need merely to get them to agree that the rise in sea level threatens humans and understand there is a lot of potential profit to be derived from re-building infrastructures to deal with the coming danger.

To provide you with a more in depth discussion of the dangers we face and what we need to do to deal with them. please read this article: Saving Planet Earth.