Let’s look back to last summer as a “Hero” arose to “Make America Great Again“:

Yes, it seems enough people believed that Trump was the “Only One Who Could Fix America“, that with the aid of Vlad Putin,  the bumbling of James Comey and an Electoral College that skews racist,  this incompetent boob got elected President.  Let’s look at the “accomplishments” of this Presidential fraud as presented by the conservative leaning Dallas Morning News,  which while deep in the heart of Red State Texas, endorsed Hillary Clinton.  This paper’s former Washington Bureau Chief Carl P. Leubsdorf outlined Trump’s achievements during his first six months in office  and this is what he found:

“President Donald Trump’s first six months have been defined by his often angry and tasteless tweets, his ham-handed efforts to denigrate and undercut the multiple investigations into Russian influence in the 2016 election and the stalemated legislative battle to repeal and replace Obamacare.

But Trump is right in saying he has significantly influenced government and the nation’s image — though much of his impact has been negative. His most significant clear-cut triumph was installing conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. He can take credit for slowing the inflow of illegal immigrants. And his impact has gone well beyond that:


-Embraced autocrats in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Egypt and abandoned longtime U.S leadership in seeking to enhance democracy and human rights.

-Insulted U.S. allies in Europe, especially Germany, and undercut longstanding U.S. treaty commitments.

-Compromised Israel’s intelligence sources.

-Spurred more divisiveness in an already divided Middle East by setting off a squabble between Saudi Arabia, a major U.S. ally, and Qatar, home of the region’s biggest U.S.  military base.

-Undermined U.S. global leadership on climate change by withdrawing from the Paris agreement, joining only Syria and Nicaragua as nonparticipants.

-Reversed decades of Republican support for free trade, ceding leadership in Asia to China by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and elsewhere by encouraging the British exit from the European Community.


-Proposed a budget with massive cuts that would shred the social safety net and cripple longstanding governmental functions.

-Created uncertainty in the nation’s health care system by sending inconsistent administrative signals and supporting legislation that could deprive millions of people health insurance coverage, undermine Medicaid health support for lower income Americans and give wealthy taxpayers a massive tax cut.

-Mismanaged the federal government by failing to fill many top spots and installing an inexperienced, dysfunctional White House staff.

-Expanded the policy of deporting dangerous illegal aliens by including many people with minimal records, stable jobs and American families.

-Created a commission to investigate his unproven allegations of voter fraud because he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

-Reversed decades of bipartisan cooperation in extending environmental preservation of national landmarks.

-Hired foxes to watch the chicken coops by filling his administration with arch conservatives, many with records opposing the very agencies in which they work, and curbing civil rights and environmental enforcement.


-Committed potentially impeachable offenses of obstructing justice that prompted appointment of a Special Counsel by firing FBI Director James Comey, because of his probe into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia, and urging other intelligence officials to pressure Comey to halt the probe.

-Undermined the courts with denunciations of judges and their decisions affecting his administration’s policies, especially those curbing his hastily issued ban on Muslim travel from certain countries.

-Without evidence, accused former President Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping his phones.

-Repeatedly misrepresented his administration’s policies and trashed officials with whom he has disagreements, calling the  ousted Comey “a nut job,” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer the “head clown” and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi an “incompetent.”

-Intensified racial and other divisions by reducing governmental civil rights guarantees and reversing protections for sexual and racial minorities.

-Violated his own self-proclaimed ethics laws by allowing officials to deal with issues affecting their former employers. Permitted multiple instances in which he and other family members benefit financially from his presidency.

-Waged a vendetta against news outlets subjecting his administration to scrutiny, calling the mainstream media the “enemy of the American people” and denouncing unfavorable stories as “fake news.” Undercut White House press institutions intended to facilitate dialogue between the presidency and the public.

Trump has failed so far to enact promised measures to increase economic growth, resulting in reduced long-term forecasts. Many economic numbers he touts exaggerate his impact and denigrate the carryover effect of positive Obama policies. Military progress against ISIS has not eased its terrorist threat.

The result: the least support for any new modern president, an exacerbation of domestic divisions, and unprecedented global disdain and embarrassment.”

Rather than “Making America Great Again“, this malicious and malignant person has done more harm to this country over a 6 month period than anyone in our long history,  other than perhaps the leader of the Southern Treason, Jefferson Davis.

The idea of a “Resistance” to Trump,  is not one born from partisan division, but from a deep love and thus patriotic feeling for our country.  If left unchecked, the harm this narcissistic incompetent  has inflicted upon our nation will endanger us all internationally;  subject us to a “Fundamentalist Sharia Law“;  oppress People of Color; destroy public education;  and strengthen the hold of Billionaire Oligarchs upon these United States. The most ironic aspect of this is that the “successes”  this fraud has achieved do not derive from a “Machiavellian Skill-set” because he is incapable of consistent thought,  but from the Right Wing ideologues and religious Fundamentalists that comprise his Administration.

The only clear choice for the majority of Americans who see this potential for turning our country into a feudal kleptocracy, eerily similar to Russia today, is to Resist this treasonous cabal and free ourselves of this malevolent clown who has stolen the Presidency and is corrupting our Nation.