Many of us are angry and frightened that our nation has elected a childish, narcissist con man as President. To the majority of people who have been observing this creation of empty celebrity through the years,  the idea that he would be elected President was an absurdity. Yet there were enough people, though certainly not a majority,  who projected upon this unhinged attention seeker the belief that he was a person of gravitas and substance.  Enough people, who with the aid of the racist inspired Electoral College,  managed to elect this crooked flimflammer under the mistaken belief that he cared about anyone beyond himself.  Anyone, unburdened by political myopia and/or terminal fascist authoritarianism,  understood as Trump lied about the inauguration attendance on his first day in office,  that there was mental instability in this person. Yet we see six months into this deranged Administration, that more than a third of the electorate adore him,  exposing themselves as cultist Right Wing Authoritarians.

In our discomfit and dread of America’s future,  we of a more rational mindset ask ourselves and each-other:  How did it come to pass that our great country has been overtaken by such madness and in the short space of six months,  become the laughingstock of most of the planet?  My answer to this question borrows the tactics of the demagogically ignorant  Republican partisans, who for 8 years blamed all that was wrong in this world on Barack Obama.  Yes,  I do blame the Presidency of Donald Trump on Barack Obama and I will prove my point by showing one short video from 2011:

Personally I had some major differences with Barack Obama’s performance as President.  However,  I have great respect for the person he is and never doubted that he believed he was acting in the best interests of our nation.  Beyond that, he was the coolest, most articulate and most intellectually impressive President in my lifetime. In our society, which prizes blustering macho as “powerful manliness”,  Obama epitomized a positive role model of being a man and he did so with great humor and humility.  Contrast Obama with this childish person, whose entire life has been dedicated to shameless self-promotion, born out of a need to feel that HeDonald J. Trump, should be the center of the universe. .

Any success that Trump has achieved in life derives completely from being born rich and from his politically connected (and mob connected) father,  Fred Trump.  Fred was indeed a self-made man, of stern demeanor and quite demanding of his offspring.  There is also some evidence that Fred was a bigot against people of color and Jews.  Growing up under the aegis  of this powerful and corrupt man,  Little Donnie longed for not only his Father’s respect, but for the respect of everyone he became involved with.  Trump’s  modus operandi relied heavily upon being a bully,  or being obsequious to those he perceived as having more power.  It is plain to see though, by observing the Trump demeanor,  that he is an essentially angry and jealous person.  The Trump anger, envy and jealousy is directed against anyone who does not give him the due deference that this spoiled, childishly puerile brat thinks he deserves. Sadly,  this is a truth about Trump, that even his supporters and minions acknowledge.

Whether Trump is emotionally a racist and bigot is a moot point, only known to his intimates. However,  Trump has been an overtly public racist, proved by his embrace and then takeover of the racist Birther MovementTrump’s screeds from his campaign’s onset, were directed at Latinos and Muslims,  serving to rally the many bigoted Americans to his cause.  It was, however,  the Trump Birtherism that brought him to a collision course with Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner shown in the clip above.  With a 6 year perspective, as you watch the camera switch focus from the masterfully funny Obama take-down of Trump,  to Trump in the audience barely able to cover his glower with feigned amusement, isn’t it apparent that Trump’s resolve to be President was bolstered by his need to revenge himself against Barack Obama?  This is proven by the fact that in the 6 months since the inauguration, the focus of this Administration has been to erase any program that Obama championed.  I must also mention though, that the ongoing attacks on Barack Obama by many prominent Republicans were directly due to that Party mobilizing the racism that pervades our America.

Therefore, mirroring that vapid Republican Tactic pursued through the two terms of Barack Obama,  I blame the election of Trump upon Barack Obama.  Perhaps, if Obama had not wittily destroyed the Trump myth (with Donnie in attendance),  this feckless mountebank would never have had the energy to run for PresidentThe need for revenge though, to those so inclined like Trump,  infuses the vengeful with uncharacteristic energy.   So we do have Barack Obama to blame for this traitorous criminal’s traitorous ascension,  however, even knowing the terrible result of his demolishing the Trump facade,  I remain glad that he did it.

Below, is a compilation of Barack Obama’s exposing Trump for the despicable sham that he is.