Donald Trump became our President in no small part because he had re-created himself from a failed casino owner into a worldwide brand name that connoted visions of sybaritic luxury.  His fame multiplied when he played the scripted role of a savvy entrepreneur on the “reality” TV Show The Apprentice which for fourteen seasons built up the myth that this financial con man was a sage businessman.  The publicity that turned this shady boor into a mythological figure, drowned out the truth of his long history of bribery, bullying and fraud that created his “Potemkin Village-like” business empire. In his first big Manhattan Real Estate deal, with borrowed money from his Father and use of his Father’s political connections, he brought a property and received unwarranted tax abatement’s.  His career proceeded with the same continuing themes of bribery, cronyism and outright strong-arm tactics as illustrated by his trying to build a golf course in Scotland, to play upon that sports’ 500 year history in the Scottish Highlands.  Along the way was a history of a failed football team;  a phony “University” proven fraudulent; 4 bankruptcies;  a failed Airline; wine brand;  and prime Steak Company.  This is not to also mention his history of being associated in business deals with representatives of organized crime both her and overseas. The  dominant theme in all of these shady enterprises was his propensity for dealing with corrupt political figures and the corrupt oligarchs behind them.

As President, true to the history of Kleptocracies  throughout history,  Trump has actually insisted in making his un-elected family members play highly prominent roles in his Administration. This piece discusses a Trump luxury hotel and theme park project in the vast Nation of Islands known as Indonesia.  It deals with the interaction of the Trump family with the family of the corrupt Kleptocrat Suharto,  who ruled Indonesia for 31 years until his ouster in 1998.  Suharto left office with an estimated $30 Billion and his heirs are still prominent and powerful in Indonesia, because of their Father’s vast fortune.  Curiously,  Indonesia is the most populous country with a majority Muslim population in the World and Trump‘s contacts there are using Islamic Fundamentalism as a tool to attain and maintain power.

I must note that the idea for this piece came from a link sent me by Carlyle Moulton,  an erudite Australian, who has favored me with his attention for many years.  Thank you Carl, for making me aware of something that is otherwise unavailable in American media.  While emanating from lands far away from the U.S.,  this story nevertheless sheds much light on the mindset, criminality, corruption and predilections of America’s illegitimate President.

The Island of Bali evokes visions in the more romantic of us as the ideal Pacific Island Paradise that we might well put on our personal “bucket lists”.  In our mind’s eye we envision pristine beaches overlooking the blue Pacific waters, under a glorious sun.  Since the 1980’s,  Bali has been a hot tourist destination for some of the world’s wealthiest people and celebrities.

“Tourism-related business makes up 80% of its economy. It is renowned for its highly developed arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music. The Indonesian International Film Festival is held every year in Bali. In March 2017, TripAdvisor named the island the world’s top destination in its Traveler’s choice award.”

One of the saddest truths of our World, where the stratification’s of societies have placed a very few on the almost unattainable top of the heap,  is that sooner or later the wealthy lay claim to all the beautiful places as their personal playgrounds and force them to conform to their own standards of luxury.  A corollary to this is that when the One Percent take over in a paradise, the 99% are practically excluded, except as servants, or as victims of kleptocratic theft.  Here is the story that accompanies the link Carl sent me to a documentary by the Australian Broadcasting System.  The video deals with Trump’s efforts to build a Resort on the Island of Bali.  I am presenting it because in a few days it is possible that this documentary might not be available and so some record of it will exist here.  I would recommend that you watch the entire video because it is very well done and will provide you with very important information about the possible future under our Kleptocrat President.

The Company He Keeps: Unearthing Trump’s business deals on our doorstep.

“Monday July 3 2017

The Company He Keeps: Unearthing Trump’s business deals on our doorstep.

“Do they like me in Indonesia?” Donald Trump

It was one of the more bizarre moments of the Trump presidential campaign. At a press conference at Trump Tower in New York to declare his loyalty to the Republican Party, Donald Trump was flanked by guests from Indonesia, and made a big show of announcing one very special guest.

“Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a very – an amazing man. He is, as you know, Speaker of the House of Indonesia. He’s here to see me.” Donald Trump

It was unclear why the Indonesians were there, or why Mr Trump was making such a fuss of them.

Now a Four Corners investigation will reveal how Donald Trump, as he was closing in on his political rivals, was negotiating luxury resort deals in Bali and Java, raising serious questions about presidential conflicts of interest.

“The project is going to be a huge one, a mega project.” Landowner

In Bali, plans are under way to Trumpify one of the most iconic and sacred sites in Bali – Tanah Lot. But curiously, for a tourist destination usually keen to talk up what the island paradise has to offer, government officials are not keen to talk about the proposed Trump Tower development.

In a second development on Java, the deal to build a massive gaudy theme park and resort development has been inked, leaving local farmers frightened of what the future holds.

“When the financial power of Trump comes here, we the original people who live here are powerless. Their enormous wealth buys enormous influence.”

Four Corners investigates how these deals were done through an unholy alliance formed between Donald Trump and controversial business and political figures in Indonesia.

Trump’s business partners have a troubling history with ties to the corrupt Suharto regime.

While at home in the United States, President Trump rails against Islamic extremism. In Indonesia, he has formed political alliances with politicians aligned with Islamist forces.

“He is dealing with the worst of Indonesia’s past, and he is going to deal with the worst of Indonesia’s future, the Islamist’s. I think Donald Trump is going to get his businesses messier and also Indonesia messier.” Human rights investigator.”

Note:  The first video below is a 30 second promo for the documentary to give you and idea of the content.  The Second is the 43 minute video itself, which is so well done the time watching it flies by.

Thanks Again Carl!