One hardly knows where to begin in describing the farce this undignified and incompetent President made out of his appearance at the G20 Conference.  Whether it was initial stop to schmooze with the strongman Dictator of Poland;  his Tweets detailing that “All the Leaders could talk about was John Podesta”;  his having his inane daughter sit in for him; his seeming isolation from all the other assembled leaders in various photos and videos;  or finally his abject telling Vlad Putin that he was honored to meet him and that America would work together with Russia on Cyber-security; this bragging bumbler further accelerated the American decline in World opinion.  Yet we have a President who prefers to accomplish through sleazy PR tactics, rather than actually working at his job.

The link below will lead you to a 2 minute video tweeted out to show Donald Trump’s  “triumph” at the G20 Conference.  As you watch it pay close attention to the expressions on the face of our “Dear” Commander in Chief and reflect upon the face of what seems to be an angry and isolated person.  Remember this was produced to support Trump.

Look back if you will to the late, lamented 2016 Presidential Campaign and the public relations puffery used to to put lipstick on this piggish person:

And finally contrast that with the view of this fairly Conservative Australian Journalist who sums up the disaster that is Donald Trump as succinctly as possible:

The following video was produced shortly after Trump won the Presidency.  In the light of the subsequent developments that keep occurring daily, the assessment that treason is afoot in the Trump-Putin connections, seems to grow stronger each day.  Especially when after the Trump-Putin love fest, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, to whom Putin personally awarded The Russia Order of Friendship, stated that Donny and Vlad concluded that we should put Russia hacking the U.S. election “In the Past”.

Finally,  Keith Olbermann adds perspective on why Trump must go and why his apparent alliance with Putin is treasonous.