Cutting through the obfuscation and authoritarian adoration whom those of repressive nature  apply to someone who becomes an American President, the simple truth is that our American Democratic system failed us in electing a malignant, dithering narcissist as President.  We know how we have gotten here, but what guideposts can we look to for future change.  Mark Sumner at DailyKos,  echoing Martin Luther who had 95 Theses, came up with 11 that I think supply us a viable direction worth fighting for:  Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Wittenberg Edition

In 1517, a professor of moral theology nailed a set of 95 theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenburg, Germany. Those propositions directly challenged the authority of the wealthiest and most powerful organization in Europe at the time, one that combined the reach of both church and state, with a giant corporation grafted on the side. That little pamphlet that Martin Luther published in 1517 went a long way to wrecking that arrangement on every level.

So … it’s Sunday morning, and we’ve spent the week looking at images from Germany. What say we nail up a few theses?

  1. The Electoral college has outlived its usefulness and now acts only to deprive citizens of the value of their votes. It must be retired and replaced by direct election.
  2. Healthcare is a human right that should be available to anyone, including non-citizens, through a universal, well-regulated system funded by taxes and available  without direct charge.
  3. Education is a human right that should be available to anyone, including non-citizens, through public schools, colleges, and universities funded by taxes and available without direct charge.
  4. A living salary should be paid to every adult in the United States, regardless of their education or employment, regardless of ability or disability, regardless of whether they are actively seeking work or sitting on their ass.
  5. The use of force by agents of the government, including local and state police, should follow a single, fixed set of rules, violation of which subjects the violator to federal prosecution.
  6. Advertisements and active campaigning should be limited to a 90 day period in advance of any primary or election. An equal amount of air time and column inches are to be made available to all candidates within that period.
  7. No corporation, or any other entity outside of an individual human being, should be able to donate to, support, or work with any campaign. Human beings are allowed to donate up to $1000 to candidates. Total.  Across all races. 
  8. No one can pass a law constraining what you can do with or to your own body. That includes abortion, drugs, suicide, and dancing in public.
  9. Tax rates should be no less steeply progressive than they were in 1960, with rates rapidly approaching 100 percent above $10 m income.
  10. Anyone willing to work to repair trails, shelters, lodges, (but not parking lots) at national or state park gets a 50 percent boost in that living wage.
  11. Every American is registered to vote on turning 18. 

Now, granted, that’s just 11. Which may make it seem like I’m 80-some theses short. But really, everything Luther says is: No human being can forgive sins, nobody knows a damn thing about purgatory, and indulgences are a rip-off. The rest is just variations on a theme.