There are a few sickening possibilities that explain how Republican Politicians remain supportive of a person who is so manifestly unfit to be President and whose personal disabilities make him a danger to our country and the world.  One is that many of them share the clownish superficiality of political thought that characterizes the clown in the White House. Having listened to comments from Congressmen Steve King and Jason Chaffetz for years this seems definitely true.  Another reason is that with their majority in Congress, these legislators are on the cusp of finally fulfilling their fiduciary obligations to the oligarchs and faux religious leaders who have paid for their elections.  While other possibilities suggest themselves, the more important point is that no matter how this awful human being behaves, the so-called Conservatives among us are willing to rally to his cause and rationalize his unstable behavior. For example there is this from our Madman in Chief:

Overlooking the fact that our now President actually participated in a wrestling charade to promote himself as “manly”,  we look at the aim of his “fake news” war.  The aim is to de-legitimize any negative coverage of the malignant and incompetent behavior of the Administration, by appealing to the widespread public distrust of the news media. The problem that we of the Resistance to Trump have is that a good part of our success requires that the mainstream news media will be relentless in exposing the immorality and greed of this Republican majority, led by a dangerously disturbed individual. This does raise a knotty conundrum because the mainstream media coverage made this dire and desperate situation possible in the first place by giving Trump an estimated $2 Billion in free press coverage.

Conservatives in the United States have engaged in a decades long propaganda war to de-legitimize the press in this country.  This was done so that their agenda of creating an Aristocracy of Wealth in America would come to fruition.  High paid public relations firms were hired by right wingers, of the Koch Brothers ilk, to develop memes that connote liberalism with evil and soulless frivolity.  Among their premier lies and falsehoods was that of a Liberal Media Bias” creating lies about the wonderful things that Conservatives wanted to do to for this  country.  Within a year of Reagan’s 1980 election, all three major networks had been taken over by ultra-conservative corporations who then exerted control over their News Divisions and the news began to be delivered using the technique of “False Equivalence”to legitimize even the most absurd Conservative talking points. The major TV networks and the country’s most respected newspapers have been failing, since the forced jingoistic hysteria of the “Cold War”, to tell Americans the truth about their country and they have acted as a “Propaganda Machine” for the Corporate/Military/Intelligence Complex.

With overwhelming wealth exerting control of the news that citizens get of the doings of their government,  their country and the world, it becomes harder and harder to mount an opposition. To make matters worse, John Oliver did a report about how the local TV news media has been taken over by an ultra-Right Wing Corporation.  While Oliver delivers this report with his usual hilarious de-construction, the underlying message is an ominous one for those of us determined to resist this unfit and illegitimate President. 

When the “News” that is supposed to inform us and make us enlightened citizens, covertly operates as a propaganda tool to promote our wealthy aristocracy, how can we get our message of the grim reality of our situation out and rally people to our cause?