Throughout the continued Republican attempts to destroy the American Health Care Act, known as Obamacare“,  their elected politicians and Administration propagandists have responded with one short refrain to silence debate.  The refrain goes: “This election gave us a Mandate to end Obamacare“.  In this context Mandate can be defined as:  “a command or authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue given by the electorate to its representative: i.e. The president had a clear mandate to end the war.”

So we see Republican’s using their success in the 2016 Election to justify making draconian cuts to our nation’s Health Care System specifically because the voters elected them. Obviously in our America,  the final arbiter of determining what the people as a whole want is through the electoral process. The 2016 Election delivered us a Republican President and a Republican ]Congress. Following that reasoning, Republicans state over and again that THEY have a mandate to repeal “Obamacare and replace it with a Republican designed health care system. Certainly, on a superficial level,  this is what we mean by “Will of the People”.  However, what if that “Mandate” was based upon lies and half truths?  Can the Republicans honestly say that their hateful redefinition of Health Care is based upon the “Will of the People”?  Here is a clear refutation of that phantom “Mandate” based upon the words the Republican liars used to con the people out of their votes.

In this past election there was no real “Mandate” on the ACA, because the people were being conned by a bait and switch.  With the Congressional health care bills running at only a 12% public approval in most polls, the reality is that if Republicans had run on what they really wanted to do on Health Care they would have been destroyed in the polls.  This doesn’t even reflect the multitude of lies Trump told on other parts of his agenda and also doesn’t reference that 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton.  There is no “Mandate” from the people if they were tricked into voting by candidates who wouldn’t and couldn’t tell the voters their true intentions.