Yesterday Elizabeth Warren said that it was time for Democrats to embrace a single payer health care system and I could not agree with her more.  In all the reaction to Warren stating this, it amazes me that there was no discussion on what I think is the most salient fact about a single payer system and that is that it would be of great benefit to American Business. Anyone but a fool would agree that American Conservatism believes that business interests are as important to our country as are the interests of individual citizens.  Back in the 1950’s this was expressed by the CEO of one of America’s most powerful corporations:

“What’s good for the country is good for General Motors, and vice versa definition. A statement made by Charles E. Wilson while president of the General Motors Corporation, a leading United States automobile manufacturer. Wilson later became secretary of the federal Department of Defense.”  Here.

Despite the morphing of ideological niceties through the years, this pro-business attitude remains a characteristic feature of American Conservatism and is certainly reflected in the opinions and statements of elected Republican officials at all levels of government today.

Now we can see that the Average Cost of Employee Health Care Makes Up 7.6 Percent of a Company’s Annual Operating Budget. This probably translates into perhaps $250 Billion per year in money spent by U.S. Businesses for employee health care. This study by the American Health Policy Institute estimates that American Business would spend up to $183 billion on Obamacare per year.  This would indicate that Obamacare (ACA) could actually be seen as a cost saving for business.

I think it is obvious that a single-payer healthcare system could obviously represent a cost savings for businesses.  However,  what if that system relieved American businesses from the responsibility of providing health care to their employees, but instead taxed these businesses with an overall healthcare tax that would defray much of the cost of a single payer system?  This would actually be an advantages deal for business and it would affect the business bottom line in many beneficial ways.   Businesses would no longer be burdened by providing health care for its employees.  Business would become more competitive on the world marketplace, since right now it competes with a majority of firms coming from countries where the government is responsible for health care expenses.

My point is that getting U.S. Businesses out of the need to provide employee health care would free them up administratively, make them more competitive globally and improve their bottom line.  Caring about the needs of American business is an inherently conservative idea in American politics.  Why is it that conservative politicians and conservative lobbyists don’t understand that providing health care via a governmental single payer system would actually be beneficial for American business inters?

The reason is simple.  Current Conservative ideology has succeeded in making many believe that the Government is evil, therefore governmental programs are inherently evil.  However, that viewpoint is not a mainstream conservative viewpoint in terms of U.S. history, it is an ideological construct of a small segment of our American elite that has used its’ Billion$ to deconstruct our government. It is stupid thinking by people so awash in  Ayn Randist propaganda, that they are unable to think this through clearly. It is dumb to run our government based upon stultified ideology, whether of the Right or of the Left.  All ideologies need to evolve based on the realities of a given situation,  rather than the dogma of their ideological system.  When the Great Depression of 1929 destroyed the American economy, the then President Herbert Hoover was powerless because of his dogmatic ideology.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt eschewed ideology, looking for solutions instead and came up with the New Deal, which in effect saved the American Capitalist System.  He was reviled by the American capitalists he saved because his solutions did not fit in with their particular Conservative dogma.

A single-payer health care system would not only be of wonderful benefit to the American people, but in truth it would be a boon to American business, but our Conservative dogmatists are too dumb to realize it.