Chuck Todd  to my mind represents much of what is lacking among the punditry of the mainstream media and frequently demonstrates what I see as their cluelessness and to a great degree cowardice as supposedly responsible journalists. To illustrate my meaning watch Chuck supposedly speaking forthrightly on the recent Congressional shooting incident:

In essence Todd is blaming equally both the Right Wing and the Left Wing for their contentiousness.  If only,  he opines,  these two sides would listen to one another they could reach some consensus and tamp down the anger and the violence that permeate this country. From his perspective, the issues that divide our country could be magically resolved by civil discussion, that would no doubt lead to a meeting of the minds in the Center of the political spectrum.  By this formulation he disregards that the Republican Party has moved disturbingly rightward in the last 40 years and that currently we sees the signs of growing fascist tendencies among even some of their elected partisans. Indeed, our President has not only exhibited Fascist tendencies,  but has shown a clear preference in his foreign policy for Authoritarian political regimes, like those in Russia, Saudi Arabia,  China, the Philippines and even Sudan.

The punditry that are insiders within the Washington Beltway are for the most part employees of large corporations,  who make their living sharing their supposed expertise on the various media modalities. They are very well compensated and their lifestyles are at least of the upper middle classes.  Comfortable in their lives and in their celebrity, they personally have little to complain about and indeed for them they are living the American Dream. They are admittedly intelligent people and as such clearly understand that their commentary must be limned by certain political standards in order to not upset the companies that pay their wages,  lest they find themselves ostracized and unemployed.

I refer to them as the a the Bi-Partisan Punditry and wrote about them in The Blissful Ignorance of Bi-Partisan Pundits:

Repeating themselves time and again throughout 2016 and now 2017,  are news media pundits longing for the olden days of “bi-partisanship”. This is happening as we have a mentally disturbed, intellectually unfit President in charge of our nation and a Republican controlled Congress lusting over how high a tax break they can provide for the oligarchs who own them…………..Here are some posts I wrote about the lack of insight of both Chuck Todd,  Chris Matthews and the entire Cable/Broadcast News media: The Fake News Stories About “Fake News” Stories. It seems that throughout our News Media, both on television and in print, there is a belief that it is the contention of ideologies, from the Left and the Right of the political spectrum, that has made politics so ugly……. the Broadcast media prides itself on its’  balanced journalistic reportage and commentary.  Their emphasis is upon airing both sides of any political issue without nuance, so that issues often are seen through the lens of False Equivalency. Thus in the issue of whether Evolution should be taught in public school science classes, we will see a debate between a Professor of Biology and a Fundamentalist Preacher.  By giving the Preacher equal time with the scientist, the impression is left that his/her opinion should be given equal weight.

Chuck Todd,  earning his seven figure salary, wants to maintain his lifestyle as a wealthy celebrity,  who is considered to be a serious commenter on politics.  To have himself perceived as favoring the Left or the Right would make his position precarious with his corporate bosses, who do not want to offend anyone that might eat into their profits.  So like others, Todd  relies upon false equivalence,  to protect his job.  This also plays into the Bi-Partisan plaint of the Washington Punditry Establishment and Corporate Military Intelligence Complex that longs for the bi-partisan days of the Cold War,  when politicians were afraid to oppose American military belligerence for fear of being called unpatriotic.

If we are to make any sense of this shooting, it is that years of Conservative Republicans suckling the National Rifle Association and its hysterical campaigning against any gun control  legislation,  have made frequent mass shootings acceptable.  Then too, the vicious Republican campaigns to de-legitimize Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as Presidents, up to and including threats of insurrection and violence,  has made our American political scene volatile. America has elected a Republican President who called for violence at his political rallies,  talked of using nuclear weapons and is fronting an agenda that is an attack upon people of color and the middle and working classes.  If Chuck said that though, he would lose his lucrative job. For the sake of his lifestyle it is preferable to blame the violence on both sides,  which in essence blames it on no one.