We are in Mid-June and the scene in American politics has grown even more bizarre fostered by putting a narcissistically dangerous and incompetently deluded person in the White House.  The events of just this past week alone seemed to constantly alarm and yet distract us from feeling comfortable in our lives.  The Politically Cynical side of me almost gagged as I watched the replay of Paul Ryan’s speech to the ‘House’ calling for us to unite in unity:

When Ryan said “An attack on one of us, is an attack on ALL of us” I had to choke away my replying angrily to the TV screen since only my wife could hear me.  Because I need to find some outlet for my anger I am pounding my keyboard now and declaiming:

Nobody Asked Me But……………….

When Republicans in Congress present a bill that will cause millions to lose health care coverage why isn’t that considered violence?

When Republicans talk of “Entitlement Reform”  by removing the “Social Safety Net” from Americans in need, how is that not violence in its’ base meaning of doing harm to others?

The general pundit praise for Paul Ryan’s “Come Together” speech yesterday ignores Republican’s history of ultra-partisan rhetoric calling for violence against dissenters:

Is it so wrong or thoughtless of me when I heard of the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise to  have thought of that 1,000 year old proverb about “Chickens coming home to roost”?

Didn’t Republican Majority Whip Scalise help in rounding up the vote on a bill “which removed the restrictions upon mentally ill people buying guns”?

Trump’s stump speech emphasized the dangers of terrorism and stoked American’s fears while implying less gun control would make them more safe yet:









How did the Second Amendment become the predominant expression of Constitutional belief in the minds of Republicans?

When will America get past its’ infantile obsession with firearms and its’ specious beliefs that they will protect us from harm, rather than create even more death and destruction in our Country?