So many of us have felt despair since Donald Trump was elected and the oppressiveness of those feelings has actually accelerated since he took office.  Our President is an emotional child,  disabled by narcissism and an overweening greed.  Our President is also a pathological liar,  a truth of which there are so many proofs as to make it indisputable.  Each day brings us more proof that this foul man is putting the world’s most powerful nation at risk and is endangering all of humanity in the bargain.  At the same time it must be admitted that no matter what Trump does, the one third of our nation of authoritarian mindset will follow him blindly over any precipice.  In our despair many of us,  myself included,  have longed to be saved from this American nightmare and have latched onto a succession of “heroes”,  who we hope will “rid us of this turbulent man”.  By the same token,  as came out in  James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence CommitteeTrump had a similar plea related to the Russia/Trump investigation.

So the “hero of the day” mantle, for those of us who are despairing of each day Trump remains in office,  falls upon the broad shoulders of this former FBI Director.  But if you follow this link here you might agree with me that this man Comey is hardly a hero.  Even if we forget the clumsy Comey insertion into the Presidential Election, which may have cost Clinton the win, by his own testimony yesterday Comey comes off as less than heroic. The key question from yesterday regarding Comey himself, deals with why he didn’t resign, once it became clear that Trump was telling him that he must quash the Russian investigation if he wanted to keep his job.  Comey even acknowledged that he was less than heroic in standing up to Trump and that was best illustrated by his trying to fudge Trump‘s direct request for his loyalty as a condition of remaining FBI Director.  However,  though far from heroic,  Comey is a quite intelligent man,  skilled in the ways and means of obtaining and maintaining power within the Beltway establishment.  His undoubted skills have exposed the rot at the core of the Trump Presidency, which is the President himself.

The scenarios of the various meetings between Trump and Comey are like scenes from a gangster movie, or from Nixon’s Watergate.  In these scenes we see the President acting like a Mob Boss,  trying to entrap a subordinate into bad behavior,  in a manner that will skirt illegality. What we cannot forget, nor ignore,  is that Trump is at base an incompetent narcissist,  who is an excellent example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and appears to believe in his own omniscience.  The response to this notion by Republican partisans is that “if he is such a fool how did he get elected?”’ is belied by their attempts to put lipstick on the Trump Pig.  Such as the ethically challenged Paul Ryan’s clumsy attempt to explain away Trump‘s un-artful attempts to obstruct justice:

The clue to the Ryan dis-ingenuousness is to be found in this video below:

The problem is that the dogmatically, retrograde Republican legislators have an agenda that basically consists of performing analingus upon the One Percent, whose campaign dollars support them.  Paul Ryan is a man,  epitomizing the  Dunning-Kruger Effect, who has dreamed since his teens of having the Republican Party in control of the three branches of the Federal Government,  so that he can return the country back to the “Age of the Robber Barons”.  In this respect Ryan is no different than the troglodyte Republicans now in control of the Party, who will gladly put the agenda of their rich patrons against the needs of all Americans.  Having Trump in office, has put their designs for an American Plutocracy within reach and they will be damned if they let his unfitness thwart the needs of their rich masters.

What we, the at least 66% of Americans, must realize is that the path to our liberation from Trump,  indeed the path to our economic and social liberation,  does not lie with finding heroic leaders,  to oppose oppression.  The truth about us humans,  which most of us know in our guts,  but which we ignore for the sake of living, is that none of us can be counted upon to always do the right thing in a given situation.  All heroes and leaders have feet of clay, simply because all of us humans have feet of clay.  While in the American construct as it is today, our voting serves as a simulacrum of the power of our opinions to influence our government,  the reality is that it is only through our concerted struggles for freedom and social justice that we have a chance to succeed.  Heroes and leaders will emerge briefly to spur our movement of resistance onward, but in the end we will only succeed by dint of our own efforts working together with like minded people.  We are in a struggle for the soul of the nation and the path forward is through a united resistance,  eschewing heroes, by recognizing that the heroism lies within each of us and the efforts we make individually and collectively, as we struggle for justice.