It seems that the terror attack on London Bridge has set me off in the direction of Great Britain, because our close ally has experiences as a capitalist society that mirror ours.  If you want the proof of the similarities between our Constitutional Republic and their Parliamentary run Monarchy,  the proof is contained in this speech by Jeremy Corbyn,  the leader of the British Labour Party,  who is running to unseat Theresa May,  the current Prime Minister and leader of the British Conservative Party.  In the Corbyn speech below, you can see that the predominant political themes of the United States,  are completely analogous to those in Great Britain,  even though the two countries political systems are very different.  The similarities I refer too are the actions by conservatives in both countries to dismantle the social safety net; raid Social Security;  privatize all health carelower taxes on corporations and the wealthy;  privatize education;  deregulate finance and industry;  and in the end ensure that the wealth of both our societies remains overwhelmingly in the hands of those already wealthy.

To my mind what we are seeing is the manipulation of politics and government by the richest people and families, in order to set up a new aristocratic order defined by wealth rather than merit.  I have written about my suspicions in posts like Brexit, World Class “Class Warfare” and the Destruction of Representative Government and The Rich Are Not Like the Rest of Us. You can access the body of my work on the attempt to resurrect an Aristocracy of Wealth Here.

The Jeremy Corbyn speech below is a brilliant summation and delineation of just what this modern iteration of wealth backed Conservatism has wrought and is continuing to impose upon Great Britain and our country.  The similarities between what is going on in Great Britain and in the United States are too close to be mere coincidence and in my mind represent a concerted effort by many super-wealthy individuals to re-shape the world into their image of their own comfort.