Jared Kushner is probably not someone who sees himself as evil,  nor does he think that his actions in life are in any way corrupt.  He is yet another ignorant little rich boy suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect who believes that their good fortune in life has somehow been deserved,  ordained no doubt by a God that loves them.  A little rich boy of mediocre intellect, he was admitted to Harvard shortly after his father,  convicted felon Charles Kushner, donated $2 million to the school.  His marriage to Ivanka Trump should rightly be viewed as a marriage of soulmates, though harking back to the domestic marriage contracts used to unite Aristocratic families.  For us humans, our parents do much to shape who we become as adults and for most of us our parents seem to be the example of adulthood.  Poor Jared had a corrupt man as a paternal role model and poor Ivanka had the same, though her father has manged so far to avoid conviction.

There is actually little in the background of Jared Kushner to foretell that this was a person of substance,  a person destined to play such a major role in the governance of the United States. The substance that exists on his record actually bespeaks the opposite, such as in the current revelations that Jared Kushner Built Luxury Condos Using Real Estate Grants Earmarked for Poor Communities. The truth is that the President’s son-in-law has a long history of unsavory business deals. Yet Donald Trump has made his son-in-law into not only his most trusted advisor, but has also tasked him with solving great foreign policy problems and reforming the entire United States government.  Here is Keith Olbermann making the case that Jared in his recent dealings alone should by all rights be arrested and charged with a multiplicity of Federal crimes:

And now investigative reporter/comedian Randy Rainbow deals with the Trump family and their connection with Russia.