James Comey did deserve to be fired,  but his firing at this point is frightening for us all, because it may mark the start of a Trump Coup. At this point, with the information available, the evidence of a connection between Trump and Russia is overwhelming.  Denial that there must be a high level investigation of this connection, in the light of all the revelations made public, is absurd.  Trump fired Comey after Senate testimony again brought focus upon the Russian intervention in our election and as has happened time and again, Trump has tried to change the narrative.  All over our news media today we will hear recapitulations of what is known of the Russian investigation thus far,  complemented with arguments pro and con as to the propriety of the firing.  Cutting to the chase though, I believe that Comey’s firing was an indication that Donald Trump is moving to dispense with the “Rule of Law” and thus rule this country autocratically. If I am correct then there is only one important question to be asked and the answer to it may be decisive in shaping the history of America in the years to come.

Will the Republican Majority in Congress act to rein in their President, or will they yield to their selfish interests?

All of the Democratic partisans in Congress may vehemently protest against the apparent usurpation of power by Trump and yet are unable to do anything to stop the coming Trump Coup simply because they are in the minority.  This discussion from last night’s Lawrence O’Donnell MSNBC show sums up in 6 minutes the problematic nature of the Comey firing and what it indicates:

Yet all of this negative publicity will accomplish nothing if the Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress choose to ignore it. This morning I heard Republican Senator Lindsey Graham say that this firing didn’t concern him, because the FBI was an organization composed of brave and independent investigators insulated from partisan politics. In my opinion The FBI Has Never Been What We Thought It Was and given its’ history will not protect us from a Trump Coup.  I believe that Donald Trump is a would be Fascist Dictator and  it makes me very afraid.

For me, the only question that will determine the future history of maintaining a Constitutional Republic in the United States, is whether the Republicans in Congress are patriotic and courageous enough to act against their partisan self-interest.  If they lack the integrity and the courage then we are in deep trouble and our only course is to redouble our efforts to resist.