As many Americans, like myself,  are joining together nationwide to form a Resistance Movement against this ill-equipped,  ill-tempered and illegitimate President,  it is profitable to look back 47 years. To look back to a time when the mask came off of the oligarchy running our country, as they conspired to stifle protests against their profitable, murderous war and against the movement for racial justice in our country.  Much of the rhetoric Trump used to get elected, like Law and Order and building a wall,  are reminiscent of the Nixon election campaign, which successfully targeted racists and an angry Silent Majority.  Our Resistance Movement will surely grow, given that this Administration is  actually attacking the well-being of most Americans.  History has shown that we must be prepared for dangerous counter-measures launched against us by those we frustrate and hope to defeat.  Let us look back at a significant piece of American history,  from a time when resistance was vital to our country.

On May 4th, 1970 I was twenty-six years old. I worked for NYC’s Department of Social Services (welfare) as a caseworker in Brooklyn.  I was active in the Peace Movement and had in the last year lost in my bid for the Presidency of the radical welfare caseworkers union. Long haired, full bearded and habitually wearing shirts open to almost my waist, with tight-fitting bell bottom jeans. I was a happy and carefree imbiber of psychedelics, with a great social life. I had failed my Draft physical four years prior due to high blood pressure, which would later turn into severe heart trouble requiring me to have a transplant. Back then I was just grateful that I didn’t have to make the choice between my ideals and the Selective Service Law. So many young men who were my contemporaries had their lives destroyed by being drafted into that conflict and so were far less lucky than me. Because of that I felt I needed to help bring them home.

Even with the 60’s decade of assassinations, Civil Rights protests being violently attacked, Nixon’s election and the Vietnam escalation, I was still hopeful that my generation would really change things for the better in this country. I believed that the future would bring great changes in economic freedom and social justice. So hopeful was I, that I was attending my first year of Law School at night and envisioned myself becoming a Legal Aid attorney in the future. Then I heard the news about Kent State, the murder of four students and shooting of nine during what was a relatively peaceful protest. Suddenly, this brought home to me the reality of what we were facing in our country. My optimism for change died that day, but not my commitment to fight for it.

As the news proliferated, the story just didn’t add up. Supposedly the young National Guardsmen heard sniper shots and in a panic returned fire. That the students shot were at a distance of at least three hundred feet and the ammunition was armor-piercing rounds seemed broadly inconsistent and illogical. It was claimed that there was no order to fire given and that the young National Guardsmen thought they were firing in self defense. As it turned out these were lies and propaganda. These lies were foisted to cover the fact that those in power in the administration and their follower, the Republican Governor of Ohio, wanted to send a message to those opposing the War.  The message was that we were in mortal danger if we dared to try to thwart their murderous rampage in South East Asia.

“The killing of protesters at Kent State changed the minds of many Americans about the role of the US in the Vietnam War. Following this massacre, there was an unparalleled national response: hundreds of universities, colleges, and high schools closed across America in a student strike of more than four million. Young people across the nation had strong suspicions the Kent State massacre was planned to subvert any further protests arising from the announcement that the already controversial war in Vietnam had expanded into Cambodia.

Yet instead of attempting to learn the truth at Kent State, the US government took complete control of the narrative in the press and ensuing lawsuits. Over the next ten years, authorities claimed there had not been a command-to-fire at Kent State, that the ONG had been under attack, and that their gunfire had been prompted by the “sound of sniper fire.” Instead of investigating Kent State, the American leadership obstructed justice, obscured accountability, tampered with evidence, and buried the truth. The result of these efforts has been a very complicated government cover-up that has remained intact for more than forty years.”

You will find the article the paragraph above is quoted from if you follow the link below. The link will lead you to an article entitled: Kent State: Was It about Civil Rights or Murdering Student Protesters?” This was written by: Laurel Krause, with Mickey Huff and is from a forthcoming book: Censored 2013: Dispatches from the Media Revolution

Laurel Krause is a writer and truth seeker dedicated to raising awareness about ocean protection, safe renewable energy, and truth at Kent State. She publishes a blog on these topics at Mendo Coast Current. She is the co-founder and director of the Kent State Truth Tribunal. Before spearheading efforts for justice for her sister Allison Krause, who was killed at Kent State University on May 4, 1970, Laurel worked at technology start-ups in Silicon Valley.”

By the way, my Law School was one of the schools shut down in response to the Kent State Massacre and I was active in the movement to shut it down for the semester, as a memorial to those dead and wounded students. Then as now, I saw these killings as premeditated murder in the service of stifling dissent in our country. I urge you to take the time to read this article linked below and its proofs that these murderous shootings, were done under orders and with malice aforethought. As much as our politicians extol America’s unique status in the world, they are mute to the barely hidden agenda that is destroying what we purport to be our ideals of freedom and justice. The articles below gives lie to one wicked truth of our history and should be a sobering reminder of the way things really are as we again resist a callous and greedy Presidential Administration.

Kent State: Was It about Civil Rights or 
Murdering Student Protesters?

1970 Kent State Shootings Investigation Remains Closed Despite New Evidence