The happiness expressed on the White House Lawn yesterday over the “triumph” of passing a  health care bill in the House of Representatives was obscene and unseemly.  Those joyous Republicans were obviously oblivious to the death and disruption their “Bill” would cause if it actually becomes Law.  Many of us wonder, especially those like me whose life was literally saved by my health insurance,  how these Republicans could be so insensitive to the needs of so many Americans? A Congressman from Alabama,  whose State poverty rate ranks it 4th highest in the nation, has provided the explanation:

While some may call Brooks an “extremist’ I call him a Republican, because he epitomizes what the “mainstream” of the Republican Party has become.  In the Republican politician’s desire to lower taxes for the wealthy; impose second class citizenship on Women; keep people of color in “their” places; and unfetter corporate greed;  they have salved their consciences by making those who will suffer from their ill ministrations into people less deserving and less human.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz amplifies this Republican perspective especially beginning at 2:20 below.

Keith Olbermann provides a different perspective: