While it has become archaic the meaning of the word “Flack”,  when used to describe Trump’s Tax “Reform” bullet points, fits perfectly.  The link for “Flack” brings you to a discussion of the concept of “Public Relations“, which are methods to convince people of the benefits, or negatives, of a particular person or thing(s). In my mind flack is a pejorative description and fits so well with all those Conservative Republicans who are yearning once again to pass “Tax Reform“.  Trump’s Tax “Reform”, proudly introduced by Wall Street Billionaire Steve Mnuchin a few days ago, was both a textbook example of “flackery” and a testament to Mnuchin’s own lack of competence. Then again,  who better to introduce this bullet-pointed nonsense, pretending to be a sober plan, than little Stevie, a kid born rich, who then became richer by dint of the advantages of his birth?  You see in Donald Trump’s America,  neither competence, nor intelligence is important, if you are smart enough to choose the right birth parents.

Read the bare bones text of Trump’s Tax “Reform” and note how simplistic and amateurish a “document” it is.  It is really something most people could put together with about an hour’s work, without severely taxing their brain power.  That Mnuchin presented it with obvious pride, indicates that he owes his success in life to his birth, rather than any innate ability.  Almost near the bottom of this ersatz document is the bullet-ed line “Repeal the death tax” and that single line serves as the key to understanding what the Trump Tax “Reform” is really all about.

Death Tax” is the name created by rich Conservatives to fool the public into believing that the “Estate {Inheritance} Tax”,  which dates back to 1797 is a bad thing.  One of the aims of the American Revolution was to rid the thirteen colonies of the authority of Kings and Aristocrats. “Kingship” was of course inherited and the then King George was known to be missing many tools from his toolbox.  However, this incompetent King was propped up by the Aristocracy surrounding him. That British Aristocracy,  like all others in human history, was for the most part based upon wealth inherited though many generations, which entrenched those heirs into the apex of the social hierarchy.  The power and success of these heirs came from their forebears and had little to do with their own skills, or intelligence.  Throughout our Country’s history the “Estate {Inheritance} Tax” served as a “brake” upon continuing aristocratic power and control. To be sure it was never all that effective, but it did have some value and at the same time was a viable method for enhancing government revenues. Since no Inheritance Taxes are levied on amounts below $5 million, the “burden” of this tax falls upon less than .05% of the American Public.  You can see then why people born to wealth, succored by wealth and succeeding though their inherited wealth, like Trump and Mnuchin, hate the “Estate {Inheritance} Tax”.  

While the “Death Tax” represents the emotional center of this specious Tax “Reform” plan, its other parts are no less merely schemes to lower the tax burden on those who are least burdened by taxes.  For instance, although we do not have any idea of the Trump income tax history,  we do know that in his purloined return from the 1990’s,  that he paid an Alternative Minimum Tax of $31 million.  Were it not for the AMT, Trump would have paid no income taxes  that year.  Guess what.  Right in that specious document is this line “Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax“………..Hmm?

Also included is this bullet point:  “15% business tax rate“.  This is the complement to point four of the goals of the document “Lower the business tax rate from one of the highest in the world to one of the lowest“.   This deceitful line would have the average person thinking that American Corporations are suffering under an unfair tax burden.  Only we see in articles like Report Calls Out 15 Fortune 500 Companies for Paying No Taxes, or “GE’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether.”  and the Pullitzer prize winning NY Times series “But Nobody Pays Thatthat the current tax code is imbalanced……but the imbalance is against 99% of America.

With a Congress primarily populated by Millionaires, whose campaigns are sponsored by Billionaires,  is it any wonder that every new iteration of the Republican call for “Tax Reform” is really an attempt to further ensure that the The Rich Who are Not Really Like the Rest of US stay that way?