A fairly dismal 2016 winds down to its last days and the prospects for 2017 seem even dimmer, if that is possible.  With Republicans in firm control of the three branches of our government, we can expect that nothing will be done to deal with our planet’s most pressing problem: Climate Change.  It is simply a fact that there are climate disasters facing Earth in our near future and that these disasters will badly affect the lives of most of humanity. In light of that prospect, the question of whether this “change” has been caused through human indifference, or by the inevitable processes of our evolving planet is moot.  The issue is not “WHY” this is happening, but “WHAT” humanity can do to protect itself and “HOW” quickly we can put protective measures in place.

From the perspective of the corporate oligarchy,  believing that to fight “Climate Change” would take too large a bite out of their bottom line, they concern themselves with vigorously denying that “Climate Change” is caused by human agency.  From the perspective of those who see “Climate Change” in the gravest terms, up until now they have called for curtailment of the human industrial practices that are leading to the deadly changes in our environment.  Both sides are talking past each other and the deadly environmental time bomb continues apace.  My own predilection would be to acknowledge the fact of the coming “Climate Change“, which will mean a disastrous rise in sea level caused by melting polar ice, higher global temperatres and a severe increase in the intensity of atmospheric storm activity.

“Half the world’s population lives within 60 km of the sea, and three-quarters of all large cities are located on the coast.”  Since there is no way to freeze the quickly melting polar icecaps,  nor to reverse the other processes entailed in a rising sea level, such as ocean warming, all of humanity needs to work together to find ways to protect ourselves or be faced with:

“In urban settings, rising seas threaten infrastructure necessary for local jobs and regional industries. Roads, bridges, subways, water supplies, oil and gas wells, power plants, sewage treatment plants, landfills—virtually all human infrastructure—is at risk from sea level rise.”  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

While I can pile fact upon fact to prove without a doubt the threat that “Climate Change” poses to all of humanity, that’s not my purpose here.  The question that came to me, in light of the fact that the Electoral College has given us a President who says he doesn’t believe in “Climate Change“, with a cabinet of Billionaires who also seemingly don’t believe, is how come these people don’t and won’t care?  After all, these people of great wealth and great prominence, have offspring who will have to live in this dystopian future. Discounting the obvious sociopaths among them,  why aren’t they (like most parents) concerned with the fate of their progeny?

My answer to this question is a chilling one for the 99% of humanity that will bear the brunt of “Climate Change“.  These oligarchs don’t care because they have good cause to believe that except for some annoying loss of their seaside estates, they and their offspring won’t be  affected by the disasters that will befall the rest of humanity.  The oligarchic One Percent are so wealthy that they believe they will be able to muster the resources to comfortably live through the climate disasters that will destroy the lives of so many of us peasants. It seems to me that the odds are in their favor.  Trump’s historic palace in Palm Beach may be inundated by the ocean,  Trump Tower in Manhattan may fall to ruin, but he and his family have many other luxurious residences to reside in.  Whats true for Trump, is true for all of the other denizens of his billionaire class and even for the lesser lights who are only worth tens of millions.  You see The Rich Are Not Like the Rest of Us at least in their mindset.  They are insulated by their wealth from the economic and social distractions that keep most of us up at night vainly grasping for solutions to our latest personal problems, which if you’re like me are mostly financial.

However, if I might make an even darker surmise,  perhaps our oligarchic classes, insulated as they are from the coming worldwide devastation, actually welcome it.  Humanity,  all seven billion of us, are beginning to overcrowd the planet and strain its resources. If our worldwide population keeps growing at current rates, the possibility of a Malthusian Catastrophe looms large.  To the Oligarchs of our planet, the disasters wrought by “Climate Change“, may represent an excellent way to cull humanity without being charged with genocide. Given the way the 1% has not only commandeered most of our wealth, while trying to destroy any beneficial social programs,  it seems reasonable to suspect their dark motives when it comes to most humans.

I take little comfort in my understanding of the ways of Hubris,  even though it leads me to guess that the 1% are nowhere near as insulated from the fate of humanity as they pridefully believe they are. Maybe my beliefs are overly naive in caring more for the fate of all us humans, rather than for a just revenge against those sinning against us, by their belief that they are somehow better.

16-008-nasa-2015recordwarmglobalyearsince1880-201601202015 – Warmest Global Year on Record (since 1880) – Colors indicate temperature anomalies (NASA/NOAA; 20 January 2016).[70]