In 1954,  when I was ten years old, the Supreme Court handed down a monumental verdict in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483.  In that decision SCOTUS recognized that state-sponsored segregation of student on the basis of color was unconstitutional.  In my home there was happiness at the ruling.  I’ve written elsewhere about a childhood memory from when I was about four, with my mother returning home from a long absence in a sanatorium in South Carolina. She railed against the whole idea of segregation and the oppression of Black people.  That was probably in 1948.  That was my upbringing and it has affected me to this day, 62 years after that historic SCOTUS ruling. That was why tears came to my eyes when I watched this John Oliver video I’ve linked below.  The video explains not only the fact that school segregation remains the norm in America, but also how that segregation continues the reality that racism against people of color still widely exists and is preventing them from achieving anything close to economic and social equality.  Perhaps later in the week I’ll write about the unintended consequences of Brown v. Board of Ed.,  but right now I feel too emotional.  It is certainly strange that a comedian can provide social illumination and commentary that can make you laugh and cry simultaneously,  but that is what happened as I viewed it this morning,  how does it affect you?