Some regular commenters here think that I’m being alarmist when I liken  Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler.  One of the points made against the analogy that the two are equivalent is the idea that Hitler was backed by a para-military group the SA,  or “Brownshirts”.  The SA’s violence aided Hitler’s ascent to power.  I grant that Hitler’s army of thugs certainly was quite threatening,  more so than anything from the Trump camp so far.  However,  what Trump brings to the Fascist table is images and incitement towards violent action.  In Trump’s talking of a rigged election, he and/or his followers could well be laying the groundwork for continuing his movement way beyond this election and creating a faction equivalent to Hitler’s Brownshirts.  Trump’s supporters are not only heavily into gun ownership,  but they are also, if you follow this link here,  made up of Neo Nazi’s,  Klansmen and other extremists who threaten revolution if Trump loses this purportedly “rigged” election.  Here are some salient points made by Keith Olbermann on his GQ program “The Closer” about the “Normalization of Violence at Trump Rallies”.