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July 2016

The American Dream Per George Carlin

My purpose in taking up writing about life this late in life, is because I am disgusted by the injustice, greed and hopeless lives that I see in the world surrounding me. While I know I’m a pretty smart guy,... Continue Reading →

Analyzing News Stories: Five Simple Steps

We should always be suspicious of the news we receive from media of all types. Experience has shown us that much of it is self-serving propaganda aimed at supporting certain entrenched interests policies, under the guise of objective news reporting. ... Continue Reading →

Police State America and Even the Police Don’t Get It   The events of this past week or so have so disturbed me I feel I'm obliged to keep returning to this topic of policing and police shooting.  We need to clearly understand what is taking place in our... Continue Reading →

American Police State: We Can’t Deny What We’ve Become

The issue of prejudice towards Black Americans by our country's law enforcement departments and personnel, is for me a proven closed case with an unimpeachable conclusion.  Our country tolerates and incentivizes institutionalized racism by its law enforcement professionals.  Yet as... Continue Reading →

America’s Most Famous Astrophysicist and the Police

Neil deGrasse-Tyson  is undoubtedly the most famous Astrophysicist in the world.  He has appeared widely on a variety of television shows including his own series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. His Wiki page begins: "American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.... Continue Reading →

Black GOP Senator Talks About Being Pulled Over By Police

Some people tend to explain away the police murders of Black People by wrapping ALL police in a banner of honor and bravery,  thus raising them above the constraints of our legal system. As much as some Americans will have... Continue Reading →

Not Trusting Police is Rational Behavior Irregardless of the Color of Your Skin

The fact is that there is simply too much information on why a rational person shouldn’t trust police officers in general to be able to fit into one article, so this is an attempt at an overview of that opinion.... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Love Trump

This guy nails it!

American Amnesia: Ferguson and America’s Denial of Its Bigotry

We've passed through yet another week of tragedy involving the bigotry of our country towards people of color and the expression of that bigotry through police violence.  Almost two years ago in Ferguson Missouri another of these tragic conflicts was... Continue Reading →

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